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Happy 25th Anniversary – Commodore 64

December 10, 2007 Leave a comment

Several friends reminded me of 25th anniversary for Commodore 64. That brought a whole bunch of nostalgic memories. Endless evenings I spent in our apartment in Israel with that beige box (and later with C128) – learning BASIC, assembler, CP/M, copying games code from magazines, writing my own first program – converting lunar calendar dates into solar… My parents found it hard to understand – what was so special about writing those little “sprites” on the monochrome screen – for me it was magic.

I can definitely say that Casio FX-720P in 1981 and C64 couple years later – developed an interest for me in programming, electronics, and the whole new industry that was just forming. The rest is history.

Now, if I can only convince people that 300 baud modems and BBS was the Facebook of my time…

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